2nd Cotlet orange sauce Cabbage Fried chicken wings Banana leaves
Tomatoes wrapped meat
Chicken ram onions
Fried Cheese Fish
Stir fried pork with sour sauce
3rd Scrambled eggs String beans Minced meat Chocopie cake
Pink roses distorted
Fried rice balls
Fried chicken with mashed potatoes
Squalome salt with lemon grass
4th Egg shells Fried mushrooms Shrimp picking shrimp Yaourt
Tofu with minced meat
Sesame fried fish
Beef Stir Fried Beans
Baked rolls
Thursday Steamed lemongrass Boiled corn Bean soup with shallots Dragon fruit
Ravi steak with grease onion
Sapa fish sauce
Heart fried onions need
Pork noodle soup
Friday Coke Mince Coke Melon prices Soup soup mixed Seaweed
Anabas cooked with fishsauce Bowl
Stir fried beef
Spicy sauce
Stewed tofu
Saturday Pork boiled cooked Sauteed garlic spinach Green ginger cooked with minced meat Green bean tea
Himalayan rim fat
Suffering through meat stuffing
Fried lemongrass
Spicy chicken legs
(Good appetite and a good working week)


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